Note 2 email not updating

For other devices, you can use your built-in email app (more than likely called "Email"), or a third-party one like K-9 Mail.

While the process won't be the exact same, the values you need to input will be.

Here are the setup instructions for users running Android 4.2.

Whether you've been fully converted or just want a little Apple with your Android, adding your i Cloud email to your Galaxy Note 3 is a fairly simple task.

Next up is the Incoming server settings page, which is then followed by the Outgoing service settings page.Most importantly, having your emails, contacts and calendars synchronize from one device to the other is essential.This process should be seamless and transparent to you, so that all your content can be updated on both devices with no hassle.That’s what I will explore in the first part of this series.


Sharing files between two devices may end up being a hazardous task, regardless of whether it’s about transferring the Power Point presentation you prepared for your meeting, or pictures from your recent trip to Mauritius.How to sync your Hotmail Messages and Contacts with your Android Phone Microsoft recently enabled active sync for all hotmail users.


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