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As part of the Payment Data Transfer process you will need to pass Pay Pal the identity token, along with the transaction token, in order to display the transaction details to your customers.For more information on Payment Data Transfer, please refer to the Order Management Integration Guide by following these steps:1.If using a non-supported currency, it converts to USD.Other Features: There are numerous debug points in the code.Follow these steps to configure your account for PDT: 1. Within the content area of your page, add this code so the details of the transaction display properly: And just like that you’ll be up and tracking all transactions from Pay Pal within Google Analytics Ecommerce. If you want to try it out on your site when it’s ready, subscribe and we’ll keep you posted.- Itemized product list with options support - Support for Discounts, Taxes, Shipping.Click "Save."You might be prompted to turn on Auto Return in order to use Payment Data Transfer, or PDT. A confirmation message will appear at the top of the page indicating that you have successfully enabled Payment Data Transfer.


Paypal button is basically a form, and you are posting this form to Paypal (when you click Buy Now) along with some hidden values The code below shows a Paypal button form.

Once the customer makes a payment, he is returned to the website and the payment is verified. Logging to your Paypal business account and get into, Profile Website Preferences (In the Selling Online section) turn on the PDT and enable the auto return feature.



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