Who is valentino garavani dating

Writer John Koblin buttressed this thesis with insightful quotations. By 1998, they had sold the house to Italian investors for about 0 million.It has changed hands twice since then, and now is owned by the Qatari royal family, through a holding company.In 1959 Valentino left Paris and opened a fashion house in Rome on the posh Via Condotti with the backing of his father and an associate of his.




But it’s clear they flourish at a level of affluence few dressmakers have ever known, or ever will again. Some to his current companion (Bruce Hoeksema–we’ll get to him), but the majority will settle, our sources say, upon Sean and Anthony Souza, two Brazilian brothers who might be the luckiest young guys in the world.

Valentino and Giammetti sold their company in 1998 for a reported 0 million but remained at its helm until January 2008, when Valentino presented his final collection.



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