Jj redick dating

S., but it’s not funny.”A younger Reddick, especially the cocky sharpshooter many loved to hate at Duke from 2002 to 2006, would not have held, let alone voiced, such strong political opinions.

But Redick is 32 now, in his 11 NBA season, and he and his wife, Chelsea, have two sons, 2½-year-old Knox and 5-month-old Kai.

If Lopez made that decision, however, she would be paid nothing."In the event REDICK decides in his sole discretion that he is unable or unwilling to establish and/or maintain the Relationship and provides written notice of this decision to LOPEZ, he shall pay LOPEZ the sum of Twenty-Five Thousand and No/100 dollars (,000.00) ('Settlement Payment') within 30 days of the delivery of the written notice," the agreement noted.

Redick, 29, moved to the Los Angeles Clippers earlier this month in a sign-and-trade deal with the Milwaukee Bucks and the Phoenix Suns.


Redick scored 43 points as a senior in the Virginia state championship game where the Knights defeated George Wythe High School of Richmond.The reassuring player was born on June 24, 1984, in Cookeville, Tennessee.He holds American nationality and belongs to White American ethnicity.The unrestricted free agent agreed to a four-year million contract.

He end the last NBA season with the Bucks after he was acquired in a trade deadline deal in February with the Orlando Magic.Later on, he attended Duke college where he further played several games for basketball.



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