Eye2eye dating

We specialise in getting people into employment or training.

We also work with employers to provide recruitment solutions and staff training.

Frequently Asked Questions (including basic principles for I2I Grants and eligibility for college-based researchers) The objective of the Idea to Innovation (I2I) Grants is to accelerate the pre-competitive development of promising technology originating from the university and college sector and promote its transfer to a new or established Canadian company.

In addition, they showed a positive integration of learning differences and their LD / ADHD label into their identities.

In the Market Assessment, NSERC will share costs of an independent and professional market study with the institutions (including the industry liaison office [ILO] or its equivalent).

In Phase I, the direct costs of research will be entirely supported by NSERC; in Phase II, they will be shared with a private partner.

Eye2eye Britain's features are an excellent match with the National Curriculum.


With these and many other uses, Eye2eye Britain is a resource useful to almost any UK school.All this comes on a DVD-ROM in our School Network Pack with licence & documentation.



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