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We understand that chat is virtual but it is grand to all people in the chat room to respect and get along with everyone without forgetting about manners and courtesy.

We would be thankful to everyone: Do not type in Caps because it is sounds like you are yelling at everyone in the main room, for more details please click here.


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    Narratives involving the alleged verses (or verse) can be read in, among other places, the biographies of Muhammad by al-Wāqidī, Ibn Sa'd (who was a scribe of Waqidi) and Ibn Ishaq (as reconstructed by Alfred Guillaume), as well as the tafsir of al-Tabarī.

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    Everyone deserves a love story that is uniquely yours.

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    He also received the BAFTA Award for Best Original Screenplay in 2015.

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    Simply tap and hold on the sticker, then drag it to the object in the video you want it to stick to.

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