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Bill Murray and his close friend, rocker Jenny Lewis,were together again last week when Murray and cast mates from his “Very Murray Christmas” partied at the Carlyle following the Netflix special’s premiere. and I looked over in the middle of the set and saw him at the side of the stage,” she said.Lewis revealed at the screening how the May-December friends first met. I was playing the festival, years ago, and I was covering a song called ‘Love Hurts’. That night, “my band and I, we took him back to our tour bus, and he asked me for a bottle of water and a beer, and he took off his hat, and poured the bottle of water in his hat, and then put his hat on."It's a reality."The band's new debut, Nice as F*#k, offers a compellingly stripped-down sound, often featuring nothing more than Forster's minimal bass lines, Thomas' driving drums and Lewis' soulful vocals. The trio spoke to RS about how the Occupy movement inspired them, their love of playing on venue floors and the advantages of being an all-female band. Forster: I knew Jenny when the Like opened for Rilo Kiley.Jenny was always our hero and always so sweet and kind.A jokey name, with an abbreviation that riffs on the English slang term "naff," completed the picture."It was completely freeform and off the cuff," Lewis told Rolling Stone of how the group came together.

Lewis and Murray stayed close, singing along as David Johansen performed.

Coppola also directed the special, which makes this the second time she and Murray have worked together! The star will play himself in the special, which sees the star worrying nobody will show up to his TV special because of the snow storm in New York City.

"Through luck and perseverance, guests arrive at the Carlyle hotel to help him; dancing and singing in holiday spirit," Netflix said in a release.

She played Beverly D'Angelo's daughter in the 1996 made-for-TV film Sweet Temptation.

She continued acting until 1998, although the last released film – Don's Plum, filmed 1995–96 – was not released until 2001.

Earlier today, the Internet was a-tizzy at the prospect of Bill Murray, 65, and Jenny Lewis, 39, dating, after Page Six used such phrases as "special friend" and "current younger love interest" to describe the Rilo Kiley leader's relationship with Murray.



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