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A public health proposal to issue Smokers Licenses.

I’ll get on board with this as soon as we issue “alcohol drinking licenses.” The arguments for alcohol licensure is stronger.

But how did she rise to such prominence in our cultural imagination?

The answer has everything to do with corporate “feminists” and the way they teach women to “have it all.” # via The Feature When a person commits an atrocity, our immediate, stuttering questions are why and how; in providing us with 1,500 pages of explanation for his actions, perhaps Breivik had perversely given us something to be grateful for.

We were going to donate it to the common pool, but there were already 8 bottles of mustard in the refrigerator, so we’ll store that for next year.

I’ve been working on both project equipment and my personal gear.

If we’re going to do this, we shouldn’t just target icky people we don’t like.

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I knew this, but I figured these lines were so awesome that of course I wouldn’t need to rush right away to write them down.


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