Aedating 3 2 php script

I know almost nothing about PHP and MSQL and am having a difficult time with the instructions.

The 3) Install cron jobs Edit files: periodic/periodic/periodic/to set correct path to the "inc/php" file at the begining of each file.


Ok, from what I can gather you need to change the files in the periodics directory so that instead of saying require_once( "/path_to/inc/php" ); the bit in your quotes will be the url of the file itself (i think! I dont appear to actually have the header file but have been told that it appears on installation.The OCI8 extension for the PHP language lets applications set a small string identifier token on each database connection.This "client identifier" can be used by Oracle Database to distinguish between individual web application users who all connect to the database using one common set of database credentials.It automatically sends out alerts to registered users of new matching users.

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