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[youtube:v=0VMq Hb03p74] Today, Mediate reported that Man Crunch, the gay dating Web site whose men-kissing Super Bowl ad was rejected by CBS, may be hiding a less-than-progressive agenda. Mediaite's evidence: (1) Man Crunch's literature says that the Web site is for men on the "down low," i.e. Perfect for the dude that's into other dudes, but is nevertheless totally grossed out by gay stuff.

they are trapped in the closet; (2) Man Crunch is owned by Avid Life Media, the parent company that also owns extramarital affair facilitator Ashley Madison; (3) both Web sites are perfect for repressed conservative men who want to have great sex without abandoning their politically expedient facade.


The ex-boyfriend, referred to as “Bill,” implied that he was the victim in the case and his accusations aired last week.To access PRomeo, the first thing to do is create an account.


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