Celebrity dating show on fox dating over 40 singapore

Five of the episodes will have male celebrities with female contestants; one will have female celebrities and male contestants.All the singles will be physically attractive (I know, you expected Fox to stock the pond with some wicked surprises, right? In the first round, celebrities will listen to "sexy singles" describe themselves.When the celebrity bachelor likes what he hears, he pulls his “love handle,” spinning his chair around to bring him face-to-face for the first time with his potential mate.If more than one celebrity pulls the handle, they must battle it out for her affection until the sexy single gets to pick whose dating pool she wants to swim in. " 'The Choice' seems like an obvious title because you have to make a choice," Darnell says, then playfully adds: "I'm just now realizing it rhymes!"Fox plans to air six one-hour episodes this summer, debuting the show on Thursday, June 7 at 9 p.m.In an announcement that seems like a brilliant April Fools' Joke (but, we're assured, is not), Fox's new summer series will feature -- like "The Voice" -- contestants in blind auditions for a quartet of celebrity judges who are seated in spinning chairs. "There hasn't been a new hit since 'The Bachelor,' and there hasn't been an in-studio one that's worked since 'The Dating Game' 30 years ago.

If a bachelor is impressed, he will pull the "love handle" on his chair and turn around to see the contestant for the first time.

If you think you have a brilliant idea for an original new dating show, it’s likely been done.



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