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They're apparently still on good terms, since they performed together in 2009. The song "Emit Remmus" from the RHCP album Californication is about the relationship.

Also, after listening to that album for years, I just learned that "Emmit Remmus" is "Summertime" spelled backwards.

Kiedis and his fellow band members were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012. That same year he would land two more acting jobs, one being on an ABC Afterschool Special and the other an appearance in the film, Jokes My Folks Never Told Me.

Each summer, he would visit his father in Hollywood for two weeks, a time during which the two would bond. Kiedis attended Fairfax High School in Los Angeles, where he struggled to find friends as he had recently transferred to a new school district.

They were close friends already but Kiedis wanted to take the relationship further which he did by taking flowers and a poem to Haya at school; unfortunately he was late and class had already begun but he presented them anyway, much to the delight of his fellow classmates and the embarrassment of Haya! They had their own Romeo and Juliet scenario; Haya’s father would only let her date Jewish boys…” Lords of the Sunset Strip: An Autobiography’ by Blackie Dammett; page 157.

Just three days ago Helena took to her Instagram account to hint things may have hit a rocky patch with her man: 'My valentine @elkelong,' the leggy lady wrote alongside a shot of her cuddling up to a girlfriend.Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis was spotted with a stunning mystery brunette in New York last month, and the relationship appears to be getting serious, as Kiedis was again spotted with the young woman in Malibu, CA at Nobu on Sunday night. Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis discussed his health issues in a recent interview with Journal De Montreal, claiming that his stomach issues are behind him. I also broke my kneecap in two places, I jumped on stage and fell on my knee. It have a three-week break in August and the doctors will take the opportunity to fix this.” He added that his knee injury hasn’t hurt his live performances too much, A little, but not too serious. This is necessary if you want to win a championships.


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