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bathroom-blowjob API can be used to get TZDate objects with full time zone support, convert them between timezones, retrieve available timezones. The usage scenarios could be much broader than what is mentioned but yes, basically more flexibility in dealing with relative dates, DST settings etc. One difference I have noticed between both is that the Tizen date object (get Current Date Time()) is "synchronized" with the date object on a companion app running on your paired smartphone.

For example, whenever the timezone changes on the smartphone the tizen date object reflects this change whilst the date() function does not reflect this.

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However when I use the function cx_Oracle.connect, the error occured.

The following is my code: ``` python import os os.environ[' NLS_LANG'] = ' AMERICAN_AMERICA.

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Anyway, I executed the following command to set to UTC, and then proceeded to complete the dist-upgrade from 15.05, and the error from tzdata was resolved; I'll fix my timezone after the upgrade completes.Connection("cx_Oracle/[email protected]/orcl") cursor = connection.cursor() my_dict = try: stmt = cursor.prepare("SELECT dummy FROM dual WHERE dummy = :myvar") cursor.execute(stmt, ) except cx_Oracle. Operational Error, caught similar to this (simplified): ``` try: result = self. This always worked fine: ``` (venv) (python27)[[email protected] ~]$ pip install cx_Oracle==5.3 Collecting cx_Oracle==5.3 [...] Successfully installed cx-Oracle-5.3 (venv) (python27)[[email protected] ~]$ python -c "import cx_Oracle; print cx_Oracle.version" 5.3 ``` After upgrading to 6.0b1 we get this: ``` (venv) (python27)[[email protected] ~]$ pip install cx_Oracle==6.0b1 Collecting cx_Oracle==6.0b1 Installing collected packages: cx-Oracle Found existing installation: cx-Oracle 5.3 Uninstalling cx-Oracle-5.3: Successfully uninstalled cx-Oracle-5.3 Successfully installed cx-Oracle-6.0b1 (venv) (python27)[[email protected] ~]$ python -c "import cx_Oracle; print cx_Oracle.version" Traceback (most recent call last): File " cx_Oracle.


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