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Robot, it was assumed that the omnipresent Whiterose was a man.When Whiterose first appears in episode eight, we discover that the leader of the world’s most dangerous hacking collective is a transgender woman (played by BD Wong) whose time is precious.Wong appears onscreen for only three-plus minutes, but the reveal, along with Whiterose’s gender identity, is central to a show that has played with the meaning of identity and reality throughout its first season.Wong made a second appearance in Wednesday night’s finale, under much different circumstances. Butterfly, Law & Order) about being approached by Mr.Born in 1860, Jane Addams is known as the mother of social work.She founded the famous Hull House Chicago, which revolutionized the field of social work.When asked by The Advocate magazine if she supported gay marriage, Christina said, "Yes.My trainer married her girlfriend last weekend and we went. I was so touched by their vows to each other, I totally cried." So is she lesbian or bisexual?


I was told there was this show everyone is talking about, and here is what they want you to do on it, but it was already in production when it happened. And I said, “I want there to be an opportunity for a trans actor to play this part.” I was then told Sam did meet some trans actors but didn’t pick them, and then he asked me to do it.She is a Nobel Peace Prize winner and was in several long term relationships with other women.


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    Absolute dating, also called numerical dating, arranges the historical remains in order of their ages.

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