Dating of mahabharata war


Scientific dating of these artifacts corresponds to the non-aryan-invasion model of Indian antiquity.

C.3013-3012 or Kali 89, in the year Plavanga on Monday the-new-moon day at the end of Chaitra, he donated two villages to two religious institutions and the two gift deeds were prescribed.

Examining the Mahabharata, books 3, 5, and 18, his sky map software showed that all these descriptions converge in the year 3067.

Achar also acknowledged that some 30 years earlier, in 1969, S.

These sites have been identified and yielded pottery & antiquities, which show a cultural consistency & dating consistent for the Mahabharata period, again verifying statements recorded in the Vedic literatures.

Marine archaeological findings seem to corroborate descriptions in the Mahabharata of Dvaraka as a large, well-fortified and prosperous port city, which was built on land reclaimed from the sea, and later taken back by the sea.

In determining the date of the Mahabharata war at Kurukshetra, astronomical references in the epic can be used, of which there are more than one hundred and fifty.



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Following is the full text of the article, as several readers have asked for it: For thousands of years, we have believed in the divinity of Shri Krishna.


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