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There are a number of historic mosques and churches in the city, and it is close to the Krak des Chevaliers castle, a world heritage site.Homs did not emerge into the historical record until the 1st century BCE at the time of the Seleucids.Despite the incongruent ethnicity of successive ruling groups and the cosmopolitan nature of Egypt’s larger urban centres, the language and culture of the rural, agrarian masses—whose lives were largely measured by the annual rise and fall of the Nile River, with its annual inundation—had changed only marginally throughout the centuries.Following the conquests, both urban and rural culture began to adopt elements of Arab culture, and an Arabic vernacular eventually replaced the Egypt eventually became one of the intellectual and cultural centres of the Arab and Islamic world, a status that was fortified in the mid-13th century when Mongol armies sacked Baghdad and ended the ʿAbbāsid caliphate. The French occupation, which ended in 1801, marked the first time a European power had conquered and occupied Egypt, and it set the stage for further European involvement.



Rwanda and Burundi took very different paths to independence in 1962.installed a revolutionary regime that promoted a combination of socialism and Pan-Arab nationalism.The new regime’s extreme political rhetoric and its nationalization of the Suez Canal Company prompted the , Egypt’s central role in the Arabic-speaking world increased its geopolitical importance as Arab nationalism and inter-Arab relations became powerful and emotional political forces in the Middle East and North Africa.The mwami helped the Tutsi and Hutu reach an agreement. The Hutu tried to gain power by force, and they were defeated. Then Tutsi refugees from Uganda invaded the country.


At the time of independence, opposite sides controlled the two countries. The government was overthrown and thousands of Hutu fled to neighboring countries. Rwanda and Burundi are mountainous countries in east-central Africa. Their total combined area is roughly 20,900 square miles (54,100 square kilometers)—about the combined size of the states of Maryland and New Jersey.

Egypt led the Arab states in a series of wars against Israel but was the first of those states to make peace with the Jewish state, which it did in 1979.


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    At least four of Paris's stations are architectural masterpieces and it is hard to think of a more railway-oriented city.

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