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Former pirate radio DJ Bill Rollins has been at the Tendring station through its various evolutions, from day 1 in 1990.


That’s why we’ll also be using this Dream 100 list to target through the different networks. The Expert Secrets book is different than our other products…

If you're near a computer, you can also listen live through our Radioplayer - click here to listen live.

Whether you're on the move or relaxing at home, you can also listen on our dedicated app.

But usually these people spend 90% of their time promoting their own products and services and maybe 10% towards other people… So we had a Dream 100 meeting where we sat down as a group and started building our list.


The Dream 100 is a hundred people who are influencers (e.g.Programmes outside these times are shared with all Anglian Radio stations.



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