Carbon dating the dead sea scrolls

Home Genesis - 22 Scrolls Exodus - 17 Scrolls Leviticus - 16 Scrolls Numbers - 11 Scrolls Deuteronomy - 32 Scrolls Joshua - 2 Scrolls Judges - 3 Scrolls Ruth - 4 Scrolls Samuel - 4 Scrolls Kings - 3 Scrolls Chronicles - 1 Scroll Ezra - 1 Scroll Job - 4 Scrolls Psalms - 41 Scrolls Proverbs - 2 Scrolls Ecclesiastes - 2 Scrolls Song of Solomon - 4 Scrolls Isaiah - 21 Scrolls Jeremiah - 6 Scrolls Lamentations - 4 Scrolls Ezekiel - 7 Scrolls Daniel - 8 Scrolls Minor Prophets - 10 Scrolls The Translation Process Frequently Asked Questions About the Author The number varies depending on how you count. It counts items written on papyrus (rather than scrolls) and Greek translations of the Hebrew Old Testament, but mostly leaves out paraphrases, commentaries, and apocryphal books. Although handwriting analysis may not be intuitive to a modern reader, handwriting styles did change over time, and experts feel confident about this method of dating.

All Dead Sea Scrolls found in the Qumran caves and at Masada were copied prior to 68 A. In addition, some Carbon-14 dating of scrolls has been done.


There may have been one or more scrolls of these books that did not survive. Of all the disappointments I have experienced in Qumran Studies—and there have been many—and mistakes I made in the struggle to free the Scrolls, this turned out perhaps to be one of the most painful and ill-considered . .” -- Robert Eisenman (The New Testament Code [2006], p.


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