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And she sings with a dynamic clarity that's both distinctive and friendly.

Cam backs up that boldness with a firm delivery, embedding her material with a ringing conviction throughout the 11 songs on her Arista Nashville/RCA Records full-length debut, Untamed.

We hope to add more over time so we can show different views around our city.

We also link to some other webcams that are provided by third parties.

Today marked the beginning of our 3rd heat wave this summer.

We started out nice and cool this morning with 40s and 50s in the metro area, but all the sunshine plus a very warm airmass overhead meant a hot afternoon.


Please note, webcams are very hard to maintain so if they down, come back the following day and they should be back online.

Cam makes it a habit to wear eye-catching yellow every time she goes out in public.



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