Relative dating worksheet

The product of this reaction can be predicted, once again, by assuming that mass and charge are conserved. They rapidly lose their kinetic energy as they pass through matter.

As soon as they come to rest, they combine with an electron to form two -ray photons in a matter-antimatter annihilation reaction.-decay are often obtained in an excited state.

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But it wouldn't include German males, or tall Australian females, or people shorter than 2m.


(Only a handful of nuclides with atomic numbers less than 83 emit an -particle.) The product of -decay is easy to predict if we assume that both mass and charge are conserved in nuclear reactions.

The sample usually represents a subset of manageable size.

Samples are collected and statistics are calculated from the samples so that one can make inferences or extrapolations from the sample to the population.

The data sample may be drawn from a population without replacement, in which case it is a subset of a population; or with replacement, in which case it is a multisubset.


For example, a complete sample of Australian men taller than 2m would consist of a list of every Australian male taller than 2m.

The elements of a sample are known as sample points, sampling units or observations.


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