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Though the flight crew allowed the passenger to continue on his journey, corporate saw the viral video shot by a fellow passenger and clipped the disruptive passenger’s wings: We must stay true to Delta’s core values and treat one another with dignity and respect.We also must remain committed more than ever to the safety of our customers and our crew members. In another instance, a Michael’s retail customer went on a tirade and claimed she was discriminated against by African American employees when asked if she wanted to purchase a shopping bag.That employee later expressed concern for her job, should she share the video with the media. Thus far, xenophobic incidents (in the employment context) in California aren’t as rampant.But if, and when, something similar does occur, here’s what employers should know: California Employees Protected Under FEHA The California Fair Employment and Housing Act protects employees from discrimination, retaliation, harassment and bullying.If you're in line at your favorite retailer and you're wondering why they don't open up a second cash register, you're just a tweet away from holding that company responsible for their store policies.The other day, I was reviewing the Facebook page for a major airline and there was one complaint that stood out: What does security have to do with the airline? Have you ever been on Trip Advisor (the popular online destination that rates hotels)?


The employee being berated by the customer responded that she didn’t want to hear anymore, and then had her supervisor take over. It's true, most business owners are scared of saying it, but would love to shout it out from the rooftops at least once in their line of business; customers are NOT always right!


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