Keith urban dating niki taylor

After discussing her 40-year friendship with Keith, the mother-of-two now admits she regrets ever being involved with him.

The pair remained friends even after he left for Nashville to follow his dreams, which eventually led to his marriage with Nicole.

June 2006 - Present Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban met at an event in 2005 and started dating, and they tied the knot a year later.


The tattoo features his wife’s name “Nicole” inked on a banner in large scrolling letters and surrounded by an ornate black and white Celtic design, with a little pop of red color in the center.

She recently spoke about her relationship with Keith Urban in 1980s.

And it seems Angie Marquis, the country music superstar's first love, is not happy about reportedly being silenced by his wife Nicole Kidman.

'I have said a few things about Keith [publicly] in the past and he got a bit funny with me,' Angie told New Idea.

She doesn't believe that Keith is the problem however, instead pointing the finger at his actress wife's team.'I think it’s Nicole’s publicity who are controlling that and get funny about things,' Angie claimed.Rather than be deterred by the couple, Angie said it has only made her more determined to share her side of the story.


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