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With the release of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Microsoft disabled USB webcams’ ability to use MJPEG- or H.264-encoded streams; when a webcam tries to use MJPEG or H.264, the device freezes.(Ars Technica has confirmed that this problem affects our pick.) The reason for this, as explained in an official Windows support thread post by an engineer on the Windows Camera Team, is that Microsoft has moved toward a different video standard called YUY2, and continuing to allow MJPEG- and H.264-encoded streams in addition to YUY2 would result in poor performance.They’ll do in a pinch, but if you actually care about sound, you should buy a dedicated microphone.These “podcast” microphones are great entry-level, affordable options.



Its mount also folds up around the camera to protect the lens, making the C615 a better portable option than the C920. They don’t usually offer a whole lot of bells and whistles since they tend to serve a fairly singular purpose: you use them to stream video—whether for online gaming or for video conferencing on Skype, Zoom or Google Hangouts.


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