When do nikki and jonesy start dating

She was initially unfriendly toward Caitlin, although she later warmed up to her and welcomed her into the gang.

Nikki has an on-again, off-again romantic relationship with Jonesy, which has gone on since early in the series.

For most of the series, Nikki works at the Khaki Barn as a sales associate, but she hates her job there because of her co-workers, three girls named Chrissy, Kirsten and Kristen (whom Nikki nicknamed "The Clones"), so she sets out to torment them by doing as little work as possible and slacking when she does work.

She also once worked briefly at Stereo Shack under the watch of a Star Wars geek named Darth, who had an unrequited crush on Nikki.

Nikki is an individualistic, rebellious tomboy of Chinese-Canadian background who wears ripped sleeveless shirts, dyes her naturally-black hair purple and sports a nose ring, a pierced left eyebrow and multiple piercings in both ears.

She has a sarcastic personality, a quick wit and a sharp tongue and is quick to laugh at the humorous misfortunes of others, but she also cares about her friends and will stand up for them when needed, occasionally even making threats of physical violence against those foolish enough to hassle her pals.

It wasn't like he never cared about her when the two were together in public, but when they were alone in private, he cared plenty how she felt about everything and nothing. Aside from his brothers, being around his extended family was comforting. His parents, his dad and Jen's mom, never minded having her around and appreciated her as Jonesy's girlfriend, having known her for so long.

She would take to the grave that she loved the way he purred at her; lately, it'd been harder to hide, since she sometimes blushed when he did so... Sometimes when they were making out, he would slap her on the ass and maybe, just maybe, a soft moan would escape her lips. (He would always ask if that was their only song, to which she would reply a defensive, "No!21 November 2004Jen's going for her driver's license and Jude, the only one with a valid permit to drive, is giving her some tips. 28 November 2004Christmas at the mall sucks: Line ups, impatient customers, and last-minute shopping is enough to drive anyone mad.



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