Who is london tipton dating


To honor this momentous (and super depressing, TBH) occasion, we decided to track the whereabouts of our favorite Tipton Hotel residents.

So here's what the "Suite Life of Zack and Cody" cast is up to in 2015: Dylan played Zack, the "fun" twin, on "Suite Life," so we're not too surprised to hear he's just as fun IRL.

The actor previously dated actress Mila Kunis, while Song was linked to Miley Cyrus' brother Trace Cyrus.

We went to the aquarium to have a picnic while watching shiny fish! I know Cody's poor and 3 years younger than me, but he is cute and sweet.

When Lance is teaching London to swim, she asks him to teach her "the kiss of life" referring to CPR.

However there are many more steps to CPR than the breathing.

Cody is helping me get more smarticle particles before sea school.

After summer school, Zack takes a summer job working under Arwin, but finds the job so deplorable that he tries to get one at the local supermarket, even if it means working with Cody.London and Cody are dating before they board the S.



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