Who is nas dating now


In this case, we didn’t need any third-party sources.

This photo that is creating the speculation of Nas and Nicki dating came straight from Nicki Minaj’s Instagram account.

As it turned out, the pair were actually kicking it with Statik Selektah, sharing a meal together, while celebrating Nas’ recent Emmy win for his work on the Netflix series So who really knows what’s going on between Nas and Nicki.

Maybe there’s something there, but until there’s more evidence to support that idea, it’s most likely that they’re just friends.

Remember when both Nicki and Nas shared a picture on Instagram and everyone thought they were a thing?

(Read more here)It’s pretty obvious that Ellen has no shame when it comes to asking uncomfortable questions, and she has a brilliant way of doing it.

Nas was famously dating and later married R&B sensation Kelis whilst Lauryn having a long term relationship with legendary Reggae singer Bob Marley‘s son Rohan Marley.

Now, Media Take Out reports that Nas and Nicki Minaj are dating.



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