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If you talked art-speak, you could even say they addressed contemporary issues around identity, exile, multiculturalism and the two-way dialogue at its heart.


"Of all the beautiful places I know in Florence, this is my favorite," says Gucci's newly appointed creative director, Alessandro Michele, 42, eyes twinkling as he leisurely soaks up the sweet summer air beside the property's swimming pool. He is now good friends with the sporty, silver-haired aristocrat Serena Torrigiani Malaspina, the marchese's niece, who takes him on joyrides in her golf cart, often serves him dinner, and is a reliable pusher for his ravenous vintage habit."I love collecting objects," Michele says with a big grin.

A Briton hired to run one of Italy’s top art museums has become the target of an apparent nationalistic backlash after priceless paintings in his care were damaged during freak weather.


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