Who is gospel singer marvin sapp dating

View hundreds of your most cherished gospel song lyrics.Forever praising Him through song in these gospel music lyrics pages.Donnie Mc Clurkin arrived at the Stellar Awards Saturday with fellow Christian singer Nicole C.


If these two do somehow make it down the aisle, they’ll be raising a Brady bunch.

Since then, though, the source says the two have been inseparable, with Marvin flying Imani out for various concert dates and preaching engagements.

She supposedly traveled with the Lighthouse Full Life Center Church preacher to Chicago for a concert at the New Life Covenant Church in late December and was also by his side when he co-hosted the Stellar Gospel Awards in Nashville during Martin Luther King Jr. Imani was one of the more calm members of the LA cast so this relationship may not be as taboo as it seems on the surface; although there is the issue of that random bikini photo she uploaded to Twitter not that long ago.

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Marvin Sapp, 47-year-old pastor and gospel singer, is speaking out against women who seem to be stalking his home.



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