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You should always bear in mind that my respect to you won't be faded because of your error, but will be faded if you try to pass for an English teacher and do not pay your respect to the real teachers, BECAUSE this is a forum for our ESL friends who wish to learn correct English.You obviously have no respect for me if you jump to the conclusions that you have. As for not paying my respect to others, I tend to respond in kind. Hi Haihao If I may intrude here, I would suggest that 'keep you posted' is an example of using 'posted' in a metaphorical or figurative way. And with regard to my qualifications, you really have no idea._________________"Inside every old person is a young person wondering what happened." Terry Pratchett"Keep posted." If you keep posted about something, you keep up-to-date with information and developments. I'd hate to think that you two intelligent people would fall out over such a trite matter. I would also suggest that the expression 'keep posted' can be regarded as idiomatic since you can't deduce the meaning of the expression by analyzing the separate words. We will be monitoring the system closely to ensure stability.ISSUE DETECTED: Some i Cloud users are seeing slow performance in their admin user interface.We are working with the upstream providers on the soonest issue resolution. We will update this status post with any new updates we receive.

On 23 January 2007, the Commission carried out a monitoring visit to Austria, in order to be informed of the system put in place by the Austrian authorities for the implementation of the Solidarity Fund grant made following the severe floods in Vorarlberg and Tyrol in August 2005, to be updated on the progress in implementing the grant and to discuss specific questions by the Austrian authorities. Januar 2007 fhrte die Kommission einen berwachungsbesuch in sterreich durch, um sich ber das System, das die sterreichischen Behrden fr die Verwendung des Zuschusses aus dem Solidarittsfonds nach den schweren berschwemmungen in Vorarlberg und Tirol im August 2005 eingerichtet hatten, zu informieren, um sich ber den Stand der Verwendung des Zuschusses ein Bild zu machen und um ber spezielle Fragen der sterreichischen Behrden zu diskutieren.

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