Link to linked spreadsheet not updating


NET (requesting exclusive access, to see whether it's possible to get it), but that's being left as an exercise for the reader (or for another day, at least :-).

For your convenience, here's a source file containing the code from the last three posts (command implementations for TFS, S2T and T2S).

All I have is a childish command in a module that copies the content of one field (from the linked table) into the another field (in my stored table).

I'm somewhat confused because linked tables in a *can be updated and 4 hours of net searching has just left my head spinning. I know I can achieve the same results by either importing the linked data into a tempory table, editing my field then deleting again..I can run an update query based on all the scenario's I'll be coding into VBA, but a simple me.duedate = me.stock_eta would be soooo much simpler and more efficient.

When I copy and paste data within the Excel workbook into the think-cell frame, the chart is not updated.

If you are moving a large number of source links, you should share after every 100 links moved.


The formula for the destination cell in Spreadsheet B is:='Spreadsheet A'! Your spreadsheet is different to mine as you are using tabs in the same spreadsheet and it certainly works.

I don't think you're going to find a way to have data tables automatically add rows, though maybe someone else here will prove me wrong.

Apologies if the correct terminology for the subject is incorrect.

After your spreadsheets are set up, copy values from the spreadsheet into the workbook and then, in the clipboard that appears after pasting the values, choose to move source links and confirm your choice.

I have a think-cell chart linked to an Excel workbook and the Excel's calculation mode is set to manual.

I have both sheets set to refresh every minute and Zapier 'reads them' once every 5 mins (writing to the first sheet, only reading from the second").


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