Dating during divorce in pennsylvania university of washington speed dating

Before you file for divorce on your own, you need to talk to your spouse, if possible, and find out how he/she feels about the divorce and about the issues mentioned above.

This will give you an indication on how to proceed with the divorce.

One minute you’re strolling hand in hand with your spouse through Love Park and the next you’re arguing more than lawyers do in court. This article contains basic information about filing for divorce in Philadelphia. Divorce is the formal and legal end of a marriage by a court.



Domestic litigation is rife with legal nuances that, if unknown or not understood, could put a non-attorney at a disadvantage when handling their own case. Prior to the divorce being filed it is termed “spousal support.” After filing and during divorce proceedings, support is termed “alimony pendente lite,” a Latin phrase meaning “alimony pending litigation.” After the entry of a final divorce decree, support is available in the form of “alimony.” Yes.

Alternately, many people choose to file for no- fault divorce because it can be less expensive and less complicated than fault-based divorce.

Mutual Consent Divorce: Once the initial paperwork is filed, there is a 90-day waiting period.

If spouses sign an affidavit of consent, they may obtain grounds for a divorce after the passage of a 90-day cooling off period.

If one spouse does not agree to the divorce, they must have lived separate and apart for at least (1) year from the date of filing before grounds for a divorce can be established.Pennsylvania men’s divorce attorneys provide answers to frequently asked questions about divorce in Pennsylvania and state divorce laws.


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