Prince william dating


Some of her fellow female students even admit to having felt slightly sorry for her.While others were having the time of their lives, Kate diligently went to lectures and seemed to put in more work than most.Prince William proposed with his mother’s sapphire engagement ring while the pair were on safari.The following year, couple married at Westminster Abbey on April 29.And if you are the Duke of Cambridge, much of your previous years have been spent with Kate Middleton.After taking a break in their relationship, the couple became engaged in 2010.

But William, who’d been largely educated at boys’ schools, clearly found the female sex somewhat alarming — particularly in his history of art tutorials, where there were seven girls to two men.

After graduation, William and Kate kick off their careers.

Kate gets a job as an accessories buyer for fashion chain Jigsaw, while the prince joins the elite Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst.

Another female party-goer said William had made suggestive comments.


There was no longer any disguising the fact that William was unsure of his future with Kate.The love story begins at St Andrews University, where William and Kate are both studying art history.


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    [There were] men who saw me as someone they could use for a green card or my money.

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