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Disability statistics give you information about the number of disabled children and adults living in New Zealand.

Find out about the nature and cause of impairments, the type of support needed, and how well disabled people are faring compared with non-disabled people.

Disability and housing conditions: 2013 (published 2017) Compares housing characteristics of disabled and non-disabled people living in private dwellings using data from the 2013 New Zealand Disability Survey.

Disabled people in rentals most likely to be cold at home – media release (published 2017) He hauā Māori: Findings from the 2013 Disability Survey (published 2015) The report looks at the prevalence of disability in the Māori population.

People with intellectual disabilities can be seen as incapable of responsible sexual relationships.

However, people with disabilities have the same sexual needs and desires as everyone else.

Improving New Zealand disability data (published 2017) Outlines Stats NZ’s plans to publish new data about disabled people.

The paper provides information about the way in which the new data has been produced and why it is needed.

It is sometimes assumed that people with physical disabilities do not have ‘normal’ sexual functions and needs.

Access to opportunities for learning and information is important to our members.

Inclusive NZ has a culture of collegial support and we offer regular opportunities for networking and learning through our Forums and conferences.

We have a strong belief that our goal of inclusive communities cannot be achieved without active engagement with both the disability sector and wider community sector.

We work with government agencies, disabled people’s organisations, the business sector and other NGOs, and represent our members on a number of advisory groups and networks.We are committed to the development and maintenance of collaborative solution-focused relationships with our members; government and the other community agencies.


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