Viedio chat live italia


Enhance your customer engagement by 6X, reduce website exit rates by 20% and increase online sales conversion by 40%!Increase the effectiveness and efficiency and conversions of your sales and service activities Automatize your sales & CRM script on digital channels driving customers steps by steps, saving 50% time and improving convertions 65%.Increase your contact center and Agents productivity reducing your cart dropdown and improving your digital conversions with human engagement 100% online. A chatbot understands questions and answer to customer requests in order to keep at the end only best ones to be forwarded to a human or a virtual agent in chat or in video.Agents easily drive prospect step by step in-through predefined funnels automatically up to complete any kind of transactions: live identification and e-sign and e-pay inside our chatbox.Bold360, the market-leading omni-channel enterprise chat solution provides the best live chat for website customer care.

Delivering online chat service enabled with video enhances customer service levels.Because of their rich family culture, many single Italians live at home until they turn about 30 years.Abstract This sample application shows how to use the HTML5 video Video Tag in a Windows* Store app.Reach and engage with your website visitors at scale.

Announce launches, demonstrate products, present promotional offers, host open webinars and live events all the while engaging with your audiences with live chat and chat bots.

The application is written in Java Script* and it shows a gallery view from video files in the user’s video library.


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