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Here’s another compilation of some of the app problems shared by member of our community.App issues may look varied but they usually have universal solutions, especially those caused by poor coding.Ok so I noticed that my recent apps soft key button had stopped working about a week ago.I hadn’t downloaded anything new on my phone for it to quit working. I could be in the middle of doing anything on my phone (texting, playing a game, writing this email) and it will go into split screen, or bring up my recent apps, go back to the home screen, back to split screen. It will quit for like 30 minutes but then it’ll just start back up.We hope that this post can help you fix your own app issues.These are the specific topics mentioned here today: Hi there.You can use the stock calendar, S-Planner on Samsung phones, HTC Calendar on HTC, or Google Calendar's official app to test this.If they work and Digi Cal don't - please send us an email with the details. Check the sync status of the phone and account, they must be all enabled to allow syncing.



This is especially helpful if you simply re-install your apps after a factory reset without observing the device thoroughly.I’ve already did a soft reset and that didn’t work so i did a factory reset and that didn’t help either.



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