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But they have many more lessons to share about finding love than just "try online dating" (though that's important, too! Here are their top tips., says young women's attitude today is, "'This is who I am and I like sex'—which was a radical notion not long ago," she says.

That comfort makes them more likely to seek out partners.

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How do men reconcile political correctness with the wild popularity 50 Shades Of Grey? Is the new, evolved masculine role for men to 'hold the container'..what does that mean, exactly?

A review of the dating violence literature reveals a limited number of studies with high school students and few studies that investigate the contextual issues of violence, such as meaning, motivation, and consequences.

The present study sought to investigate the extent of dating violence victimization in a New Zealand sample of senior high school students (aged 16 to 18 years) and the perceived reasons for the violence, emotional effects, disclosure of the violence, and relationship consequences.

"Technology changed dating," says Millennial Hannah Brencher, writer and founder of More Love Letters.


Recently, he met a girl on the app Bumble, and the two began to casually date.

Is it all really a societal construct designed to oppress women, or are the very building blocks of sexual attraction at stake here?



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