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Vulture talked to the comedic actress about resurrecting her iconic character, how being in a bad mood got her the gig, and that one time Chloe hid a baby under her desk. The actual cut itself is a little bit prettier than how it looks on the show.

During a press conference in January, you made it sound like Chloe’s return hadn’t been a sure thing.

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political philosophy, Rush Limbaugh's personal life sometimes seems to drive enemies particularly batty.

Eliza gets a mini reading from Kris which reveals Eliza's need to let out her inner evil empress. This week Mary Lynn kicks it with Eliza Skinner (comedian, Fashion Police writer) and Bryan Cook (comedian, Fashion Police writer, Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction Show,) about what it's like to go on strike. Mary Lynn talks with the fabulous Beth Lapides, performer, producer and host of the most famous beloved weekly shows in Los Angeles, the uncabaret.

Join them for a conversation about how the show started, what it was, what it is now and the business...

’ Meanwhile, I’m sitting there like, ” But the team behind the long-running Fox program knew that Jack Bauer needs Chloe as much as viewers do: Who else could ever match the brusque data analyst’s knack for simultaneously mapping out escape routes, unfrying blown-up hard drives, and dishing out scowls to intelligence agents getting in her way? We also looked at dreadlocks, but we ended up here.

Rajskub was so jazzed about being asked back that she went all in for a Lisbeth Salander makeover to depict Chloe’s transformation into an Edward Snowden type in , which premieres tonight with a two-hour episode. To make it even choppier and even more fucked up, I have little short hair extensions that get put in.


Laurie is a staff writer for Conan and also has a book out called 'S****y Mom'. This week Mary Lynn is joined again by comedian Eliza Skinner (@elizaskinner) and psychic Kris Cahill (kriscahill.com).She was born in the year 1971 on 22nd of June and this makes her age 43 at this time.



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