Japan girls ley photochat

A survey conducted by Piper Jaffray found that Snapchat edged out Instagram in both monthly usage and as the favorite social platform among teens in the US.Snapchat actually saw both numbers rise, while Instagram held steady with usage and fell as a favorite.Watching the demo video, it’s clear that the app is the latest in a long line of Japanese inventions that attempt to solve the enduring problem of social isolation.



The survey, which garnered 5,500 responses, also touched on connected devices, with teens calling out Fitbit over Apple as the top fitness band.Reviews of the app show that the answer is actually, yes, people do."It makes for good company for whenever I'm busy studying or doing work on the computer," reviewer Moylan writes. Social networking has been a great way for our favorite idols to interact with their fans on a more personal level, and Instagram has been one of the most popular ways for our idols to reach out to us.

Thank goodness for it too, because we’ve been able to get a closer glimpse into the lives of the hottest stars.

Launch the app on your i Phone, and a cute girl looks out at you from the screen, periodically saying something charming or offering to give you a (virtual) hug.



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