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What about scientific investigations of these great sites on land and undersea?

China has tremedous sites and continues to keep nearly all off-limits to international scientific investigation.

The new trainees once again proved to be a good mix of old, young and in-between, returnees and beginners.

All of the above were keen to get started and start adding new chapters to the All Saints story.

A reasonable discussion of the use of this instrument can be found in Simon and Coglhan 1998 article in American Antiquity: The Use of Indentation Testing to Obtain Precise Hardness Measurements from Prehistoric Pottery .

This can also be used for lithics and it will interested to integrate this work with the work Tim and I have been doing on measurement of fracture surface.

A big breakthrough came in 2003 when the researchers realized that this process has occurred at a predictable rate throughout history, related to temperatures.

team were glad to return to the relative normality of All Saints, North Street and meet the latest additions to the team.

(Meanwhile, the liars continue to say that The Great Pyramids in Egypt are less than 5,000 years old.) Perhaps the most dramatic evidence comes from the fact of deeply submerged undersea megalithic cities with pyramids. Think, “made of giant, cut, shaped stones.” Some of them certainly were built where they are now but before the ocean levels rose and submerged them.


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