Dms on the dating site


You’re probably already showing your friends your matches and your conversations for many reasons.

You might want to brag about the cute dude who’s into you, you might need a little help with what to say next, or you might be showing your girls because the guy is a total creep and you want to warn them.

*Quick note: This article is named "How to get laid on Instagram" for SEO purposes.

It is more of a guide on meeting up with girls from Instagram.

For women, though, the app lets you invite your girlfriends into the chat without your match knowing.

That’s right, your girls can spy on your conversations in “ghost mode,” and even weigh in on the conversation without it showing up for the match. If you’re a girl on dating apps, you know why this feature can be helpful.

Instagram may have the highest percentage of hot chicks online outside of Facebook.

While certainly not a dating site, there are thirsty girls on Instagram looking for a good time.


Q: is for marriage-seekers, Ok Cupid is for hookups, who is DMS for?As the world’s big messaging apps add more features to keep their users locked in for longer, other apps are tapping into messaging features in the hopes of creating more stickiness of their own.


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