Inserting updating records using pl sql cursor Talk to girls on cams no reg or cridit cards


Static cursors are used only for DML statements (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, MERGE, or SELECT FOR UPDATE).These static cursors can be explicitly declared and named or may appear in-line as an implicit cursor.Oracle provides the FOR UPDATE clause in SQL syntax to allow the developer to lock a set of Oracle rows for the duration of a transaction.The syntax of using the WHERE CURRENT OF clause in UPDATE and DELETE statements follows: WHERE [CURRENT OF cursor_name | search_condition] The following example opens a cursor for employees and updates the commission, if there is no commission assigned based on the salary level.You can declare the query explicitly in your declaration section (local block or package).In this way, you can open and fetch from the cursor in one or more programs, with a granularity of control not available with implicit cursors .


Inside a cursor loop, WHERE CURRENT OF allows the current row to be directly updated.

Programmers cannot control the implicit cursors and the information in it.


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