Android mail app not updating


For accounts such as,, etc., contact Microsoft support.

A work or school email account hosted by Office 365 for business.

If you have any questions, ask the administrator of your account. Check with your email provider or administrator if you're not sure if you should use IMAP or POP. Or, if you already have the email account you're trying to add to your device set up on a PC or Mac using the Outlook program, try this.

IMAP or POP is an email protocol used to download email to your device. Check the website or call your email provider and use this handy guide to get the server settings you need from them. Email server settings for the most popular providers can easily be found online simply by searching the web.

just a regular old fetch every x minutes would suffice.

At the moment, no emails arrive unless I manually refresh them.

In some cases, syncing errors can only by fixed by simply deleting and re-adding the account.



The very first thing you should do is power down the cell / tablet, then power it back up and see if all is working.

If that does not clear the issue, the steps below should start your email automatically syncing.


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