Dating in academia

My girlfriend did her Masters online so she was able to move with me when I started grad school.Then when I moved for a Ph D I tried to make a move that would give her a chance to get a good job too.In medical school, most female students (but not all) end up marrying male classmates.That happened to me (I'm a pediatric gastroenterologist; my wife is a family physician). As you may know, medical students interview around the country for residency positions in a process known as "The Match".Subsequently one row moves one seat to the right and the exercise is repeated until all students have dated everybody on the opposite row.If 2 minutes seem too short, you may divide the group in two (12 12) and let them ’date’ twice, the first round concentrating on one research question, and the second on the other.industry representatives, scientists, project managers, group leaders or patent attorneys) exchange information on science and career planning in individual short meetings in a Speed Dating-mode.


The meeting started with introductions of all invited speakers where they gave short, very personal insights into their career paths and on the decisions, hurdles and curiosities they encountered during their career.

Studies have shown that women with Ph Ds do actually tend to date/marry within Academia at a much higher rate than men with Ph Ds.


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