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Carter has dedicated his practice for the past 20 years to aggressively serving criminal defendants with skill, compassion and respect throughout the Central Illinois Judicial Districts.Attorney Carter specializes in handling all types of criminal matters, no matter how large or small. Carter has a well-earned reputation for fighting hard for each client and obtaining the best possible results, whether that means preventing a charge from being filed, taking a case to trial, or negotiating the best possible deal.



Expungment is particularly desirable to clear offenses committed as a juvenile, however, law enforcement will still see the criminal record.

Clients will never have to deal with new associates and will always have Attorney Carter’s personal involvement in defending your rights and fighting for your freedom in every case.

SPRINGFIELD — A ruling by a Mc Lean County judge that the state's sex offender registration mandate is unconstitutional has been reversed by the Illinois Supreme Court.

No matter if I am treating a child, teen or adult, mindfulness can be incorporated into any treatment.


I work with children suffering from grief, abuse, or trauma using play therapy and expressive arts therapy.The outcome of any criminal case depends upon the facts surrounding the crime charged, the strength of the evidence, the legal validity of law enforcement and courtroom procedure, and the goals and strategy of the government and defense.


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