Dating services for young people who have incontinence


From the bladder, urine flows through a tube called the urethra and out of the body.Sphincter muscles act like a valve that holds urine in or releases it.She has gained a lot of confidence over this past year, but is still nervous about meeting someone new.Her concern is how to explain her medical condition to someone new.Our GP didn't take her seriousy at first dismissing her as \"being too young\".After further time, and appts she was referred to a totally unsympathetic consultant, who said other than phsyio there is nothing that can be done. After a great deal of research and consultations with five doctors, Mr. Although he considers the operation a success, in that it has apparently eradicated the cancer, Mr.

One reason that I finally chose the surgeon I did was because the complication rates he quoted were lower than the others’.

These muscles work with nerves that carry signals to them and the bladder to control urination.


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